Telephone No: (985)-626-8118

Business Hour: Mon-Thurs : 11:00am-8:50pm

                             Fri-Sat:  11:00am-9:50pm

                           Sun:      CLOSED

Address: 1680 HWY 59, Suite 800, Mandeville, LA 70448 (By TCBY and Donut King)

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We Accept All Credit Cards

Welcome Takeaway and Party Tray

Gift Card is Available

"Roll Combos $9.25"

"Daily Lunch Special $9.50"

Picture above--California Roll (left) & Crunchy Roll (right)  Just 2 of our roll combo choices for $8.75!!!

Choice of 2 Rolls for   $9.25

-California Roll            -Crunchy Roll

   -Crunchy Dynamite Roll     -Fresh Salmon Roll

-Louisiana Roll             -Philadelphia Roll

-Snowcrab Roll             -Spicy Tuna Roll

-Special Crunchy Roll   -Tuna Roll

Daily Lunch Specials $9.50

(Monday-Saturday 11:am-3:00pm)

      Choice A                                Choice B                         Choice C

Monday        Chicken Teriyaki w/ Rice      Sushi Lunch      Soybean Paper Roll+Snowcrab Crunchy

 Tuesday    Tempura Lunch w/ Rice           Box Special              Chop Chop Roll + Pepper tuna Sushi
(Salmon, Tuna, White Fish, Boiled Shrimp)                           

Wednesday  Beef Teriyaki w/ Rice  Mix Sashimi W/ Sushi Rice   Playboy Roll + Spicy Tuna Handroll

Thursday    Salmon Teriyaki w/ Rice          Sushi Lunch                Dancing Tuna Roll + Tuna Sushi

Friday        Mandeville Roll and Snowcrab        Sashimi Lunch         Burning Man Roll + Salmon Sushi                              + Crunchy Bowl                                                                                                                       

Lunch Combination
(with salad and side fried/white rice, before 3pm)

Beef Teriyaki $10.75
Chicken Teriyaki $10.50
Chicken Katsu $10.75
Salmon Teriyaki $11.99
Seafood Tempura $11.99
Chirashi (w/o side rice) $13.50
Nigiri Lunch (w/o side rice) $12.75
Tempura & Beef Teriyaki $12.75
Tempura & Chicken Teriyaki $12.50
Tempura & Salmon Teriyaki $12.75
Tempura & Sushi $12.75
Tempura & Sashimi $12.75
Beef Teriyaki & Sushi $12.75
Beef Teriyaki & Sashimi $12.75
Chicken Teriyaki & Sushi $12.50
Chicken Teriyaki & Sashimi $12.50
Salmon Teriyaki & Sushi $12.99
Salmon Teriyaki & Sashimi $12.99

 (Picture above)----We also have SUSHI BIRTHDAY CAKE available.  Just let us know ahead and we will prepare one for the birthday boy/girl!!!  

[Thank you Steve Randon (Our neighbor--Photographer) for taking this beautiful picture for us.]

Picture above---> Tempura Appetizer....$7.99 

Picture Above --> Softshell Crab Appetizer

picture above....Tuna Tartar.....$8.99

(serves with ponzu sauce)

 Picture above---->  Ocean Salad...$9.50

(Refreshing, all fish in one bowl)

Picture above---->  Hamachi Kama Appetizer (Broil Yellowtail Neck) ......$7.99

Our New Special Roll---Mardi Gras Roll ($7.95)

 Special Roll----Mardi Gras Roll  ($8.99)

(Picture above)-- <<Spring Girl>>

(Papa Fung's idea)

(picture above---) <<Sugar Buster Roll>>

(Thanks our customer Marc for creating this wonderful Roll)

Spiderman Roll

 (picture Above)---  ----> Spiderman Roll

(Picture above)---- "Goofy" Hand Roll (left) & "Princess Yoko" Hand Roll (right)

(Picture above)--City Tuna Roll....$11.99....

(For Tuna Lovers)

(Picture above)--"Black & Gold Roll" ...$11.99

(Most popular roll out of our house special rolls)

(Picture Above)---Pink Panther Roll....$9.99

Picture above---> Sushi Deluxe (dinner)....$20.50

(8 pieces of sushi, CA roll, and a tuna handroll)

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Appetizers                                                  Soup and Salad
Age Dashi Tofu                     $5.25                               Miso Soup                         $3.00                       
Baked Green Mussel             $6.99                                 Broccoli Salad                    $5.50
Baked Seafood                     $8.99                                 Cucumber Crabstick salad  $7.99                               
Baked Salmon                       $8.99                                Cucumber Seafood Salad    $9.50
Calamari Snowcrab               $8.99                                 House Salad (balsamic dressing) $6.25
                                                                                      Side Salad (ginger dressing)   $3.00
                                          Crispy Snow Balls                  $6.99                                Ocean Salad                           $9.50
Coconut Shrimp Appetizer   $9.99                                Seaweed or Squid Salad         $5.99                            
Edmamme                             $4.99                                Salmon Skin Salad                  $8.99      
Gyoza (Dumplings)                $5.99                                Scallops Avocado Salad          $7.99       
Hamachi Kama                       $7.25                                Snow Crab Avocado Salad     $7.50               
Sesame Chicken                    $6.99                                Tuna Tokyo Salad                   $8.25         
Squid Steak                           $8.99                                Erica Bowl                              $7.50     
Tofu Steak                             $5.99                               Field Salad                              $9.95           
Tuna Steak(BBQ Tuna)           $6.99                               Fried Oyster Salad                  $10.99
Yaki Tori                                 $5.99                               Chicken Teryiyaki Salad         $7.99
Tempura Appetizers                                                     Noodles
    Shrimp and Vegetables       $7.99                             Nabeyaki Udon                   $12.25    
    Crabsticks (6 pieces)           $7.25                              Seafood Yaki Udon/Soba    $12.25
    Chicken Fingers (6 pieces)  $7.99                             Tempura Udon                    $12.25
    Shrimp Only (5 pieces)        $8.99                              Tempura Miso Udon           $12.99
Tuna Tartar                         $8.99                               

Sashimi                                                               Box
Blue Fin Tuna                         $12.50                          Box Eel            $12.99
Fresh Salmon                          $12.50                           Box Tuna        $12.99
Tuna Sashimi                          $11.99                           Box Salmon     $12.99  
Pepper Tuna Sashimi              $12.50                           Box Special     $13.99  
Yellowtail Sashimi                   $12.99
Crabstick Sashimi                    $8.99
Mix Sashimi                             $14.99

Sushi                                                                       Hand Roll
Asparagus                              $3.99                            "Goofy" Handroll               $5.75     
Boiled Shrimp                        $4.99                               Princess Yoko HandRoll    $6.00  
Baby Softshell Crab                $6.99                              Spider Handroll                $6.25
Crabstick                               $4.99                               Boston Handroll                $5.50
Eel                                         $5.25
Escalar                                   $4.99
Fresh Salmon                         $4.99
Fresh Yellowtail                     $5.50
Hokki Clam                             $4.99                             Kid's Bento Box    $6.99
Lemon Fish                            $4.99                           Bento A: Tempura Shrimp, Crabstick, Fruit, and Rice      
Tamago                                  $4.50                           Bento B: Chicken Fingers, Crabstick, Fruit, and Rice            
Tuna(Blue Fin)                       $4.99                           Bento C: 1/2 California Roll, 1/2 Crunchy Roll, Snowcrab, and Fruit
Octopus                                 $4.99
Pepper Tuna                          $4.99
Red Snapper                          $4.99
Smelt Roe                              $4.99
Salmon Roe                            $5.25                                 
Scallop                                   $4.99
Squid                                     $4.99
Sweet Shrimp                        $5.25
Snowcrab and Salmon/Tuna  $5.75
Sea Urchin                             $7.99
Wasabi Tobiki                        $5.25
White Tuna                            $5.25

Angel Roll                              $8.99
Baked Salmon Roll                  $6.99
Burning Man Roll                    $8.25
California Roll                         $4.99
Caterpillar Roll                        $7.50
Calamari Crunchy Roll             $8.25
Chef's Special Roll                   $6.99
Chop Chop Roll                       $7.25
Crunchy Roll                           $4.99
Crunchy Dynamite Roll           $5.99
Crunchy Salmon Roll               $9.95
Cucumber Roll                        $4.25
Dancing Tuna Roll                   $7.99
Dragon Roll                             $12.50
Dynamite Roll                         $5.99
Fresh Salmon Roll                    $5.50
Fat J Roll                                $11.25
Green Flower Roll                   $10.99
Happy Roll                              $9.99
Louisiana Roll                         $5.25
Lettuce Wrap Roll                  $7.25
Mandeville Roll                       $6.99
Manhattan Roll                       $8.99
Metairie Roll                           $5.99
Mississippi Roll                        $8.99
New Orleans Roll                     $8.99
Philadelphia Roll                     $4.99
Playboy Roll                             $8.25
Rainbow Roll                           $9.50
Rice Paper Roll                        $7.99
Rock & Roll                              $6.99
Rocky 2 Roll                             $8.99
Salmon Tempura Roll               $6.99
Scallop Roll                              $5.99
Shrimp Tempura Roll                $6.99
Sky Roll                                    $9.99
Snowcrab Roll                          $4.99
Snowcrab Nurito Roll               $7.99
Spider Roll                                $7.25
Soybean Paper Roll                  $9.99
Special Crunchy Roll                 $5.99
Special Eel Roll                         $5.99
Spicy Tuna Roll                         $5.25
Supercrab Roll                          $8.99
Tiger Roll                                  $8.99
Tuna Roll                                  $5.50
Tuna Nurito Roll                       $8.99
Utah Roll                                  $10.99
Volcano Roll                             $10.00
Valentine's Roll                        $9.99

--> Substitution Available
--> Brown Rice Available  ($1)
--> Soybean Paper (add $2)/
-->Rice Paper Available ($1)

--> Extra sauce $0.50

House Special Roll                            House Special Sushi
Angry Dragon                     $13.50                                           Tempura Shrimp Sushi                                       $5.99

Black and Gold Roll             $11.25
Blossom of Love                 $9.25                                         Wasabi Tobiko Salmon Sushi                              $6.99
Decade Roll                        $13.50                                          
Half and Half                       $9.25                                           Trio Salmon Sushi (Fresh, Spicy, Torch)             $6.99   
Hawaii Roll                          $9.99                                            Trio Tuna Sushi (Bluefin, Pepper Tuna.Torch)   $6.99  
HWY 59 Roll                         $9.99                                            Skinny Marc Bowl                                               $9.99
Kazoku Roll                         $12.50                                           Super Bowl                                                        $11.75
Lemon Tree                        $10.99                                          
Passion Roll                         $9.99
Salmon on Fire                    $11.99
Snowing Roll                        $11.99
Spring Girl Roll                     $10.99
Spring Mix Roll                     $9.25

Under the Sea                     $12.99
City Tuna Roll                      $11.99

Lunch Combination (with salad and rice, before 3pm)
Beef Teriyaki $10.75
Chicken Teriyaki $10.50
Chicken Katsu $10.75
Salmon Teriyaki $11.99
Seafood Tempura $11.99
Chirashi (w/o side salad) $13.50
Nigiri Lunch (w/o side salad) $12.75
Tempura & Beef Teriyaki $12.75
Tempura & Chicken Teriyaki $12.50
Tempura & Salmon Teriyaki $12.75
Tempura & Sushi $12.75
Tempura & Sashimi $12.75
Beef Teriyaki & Sushi $12.75
Beef Teriyaki & Sashimi $12.75
Chicken Teriyaki & Sushi $12.50
Chicken Teriyaki & Sashimi $12.50
Salmon Teriyaki & Sushi $12.99
Salmon Teriyaki & Sashimi $12.99

Dinner Combination (with salad and rice, after 3pm)
Beef Teriyaki $14.99
Chicken Teriyaki $14.99
Chicken/pork chop Katsu $14.99
Salmon Teriyaki $14.99
Seafood Tempura $14.99
Chirashi (wthout side rice) $20.50
Sushi Deluxe (without side rice) $20.50
Assorted Sashimi (without side rice) $22.99
Hamachi Kama $13.99
Tempura & Beef Teriyaki $15.99
Tempura & Chicken Teriyaki $15.99
Tempura & Salmon Teriyaki $15.99
Tempura & Sushi $15.99
Tempura & Sashimi $15.99
Beef Teriyaki & Sushi $15.99
Beef Teriyaki & Sashimi $15.99
Chicken Teriyaki & Sushi $15.99
Chicken Teriyaki & Sashimi $15.99
Salmon Teriyaki & Sushi $15.99
Salmon Teriyaki & Sashimi $15.99
Love Boat for 2 $42.00
(8 pieces sashimi, 6 pieces sushi, tempura  appetizer, and a choice of beef or chicken teriyaki)

Curry Shrimp Katsu Don $13.25
Eel Don $12.00
Chicken/ Shrimp Fried Rice $12.25
Vegetable Fried Rice  $11.99
Side fried/brown/sushi Rice    $3.00
Side White Rice $2.75

Ice-Cream (Red bean/Green Tea/Vanilla/Mango) $2.95
Tempura Ice-Cream (Vanilla/Mango)     $4.25
Tempura Cheesecake $5.50
Tempura Banana        $5.50     

Sorbet (Coconut/Pinapple) $6.00
Mochi (Mango/Strawberry/Coffee/Red Bean)     $3.50

             "Cheat Sheet"

Angel Roll Spicy Tuna, snowcrab, and crunchy inside. Escolar, avocado, and wasabi tobiko on top with Ponzu sauce

Baked Salmon Roll Snowcrab and asparagus inside. Baked salmon on top with eel sauce (No r ice)

Burning Man Roll Spicy Tuna and crunchy inside. Pepper tuna, avocado, green onion, and sesame seeds on top

California Roll Crabsticks, cucumber, smelt roe, and avocado

Caterpillar Roll Snowcrab and BBQ eel inside. Sliced avocado and eel sauce on top

Calamari Crunchy Roll Fried calamari, snowcrab, asparagus, crunchy, and smelt roe

Chef’s Special Roll Yellowtail, salmon, tuna, asparagus, and avocado with white sauce

Chop Chop Roll Crunchy Roll in the middle. Topped with spicy tuna, spicy salmon and crunchy

Crunchy Roll Snowcrab, asparagus, and crunchy

Crunchy Dynamite Roll Salmon, tuna, and crunchy with wasabi sauce

Crunchy Salmon Roll Spicy salmon, tempura shrimp, avocado, and asparagus wrapped in soybean paper

Cucumber Roll Cucumber and sesame seed wrapped in seaweed paper

Dancing Tuna Roll Spicy salmon and crunchy inside. Tuna and avocado on top

Dragon Roll Snowcrab inside. BBQ eel, snowcrab and crunchy on top

Dynamite Roll Salmon and tuna with wasabi sauce

Fresh Salmon Roll Salmon, avocado, and smelt roe

Fat J Roll Tempura shrimp, snowcrab, and smelt roe inside. Tuna, boiled shrimp, and crunchy on top, wrapped in soybean paper with eel and white sauce

Green Flower Roll Tempura white fish, snowcrab, spicy tuna, wrapped in seaweed paper and soy paper. Topped with wasabi tobiko and eel sauce

Happy Roll Spicy tuna and crawfish inside. BBQ eel and boiled shrimp outside. Topped with eel sauce and sesame seed

Louisiana Roll Spicy crawfish with avocado

Lettuce Wrap Roll Boiled shrimp, snowcrab, and avocado wrapped in lettuce (No Rice)

Mandeville Roll White fish, snowcrab, asparagus, smelt roe, seaweed paper and whole roll fried

Manhattan Roll Fried soft-shell crab, BBQ eel, snowcrab, avocado and smelt roe with eel sauce

Metairie Roll Tuna, snowcrab, and avocado topped with eel sauce

Mississippi Roll Spicy tuna and snowcrab inside. Fresh salmon, avocado, smelt roe & crunchy on top

New Orleans Roll Spicy crawfish, snowcrab, and avocado inside. Spicy tuna and crunchy on top

Philadelphia Roll Smoked salmon, avocado, and cream cheese

Playboy Roll Coconut shrimp, snowcrab, avocado inside. Tuna, salmon, white and eel sauce on top

Rainbow Roll California roll inside. Topped with salmon, tuna, and yellowtail

Rice Paper Roll Tuna, salmon, crabstick, carrot, lettuce, asparagus, cucumber, avocado wrapped in rice paper with hoisin and chili sauce (No Rice)

Rock & Roll Tempura shrimp, snowcrab, avocado, asparagus, and smelt roe with eel sauce

Salmon Tempura Roll Tempura salmon, avocado, cream cheese, and green onion topped with eel and white sauce

Scallop Roll Boiled scallops and asparagus

Shrimp Tempura Roll Tempura shrimp, cucumber, avocado, and smelt roe with eel sauce

Sky Roll Spicy white fish and snowcrab inside. Tuna, yellowtail, and avocado on top, wrapped in soybean paper

Snowcrab Roll Snowcrab, asparagus, and avocado

Snowcrab Nurito Roll Snowcrab wrapped in cucumber with white sauce (No Rice)

Soybean Paper Roll Red snapper, tuna, salmon, asparagus, avocado, smelt roe and snowcrab wrapped with soybean paper

Special Crunchy Roll Snowcrab, asparagus, crunchy, and BBQ eel with eel sauce

Special Eel Roll BBQ eel, cucumber, avocado, and smelt roe with eel sauce

Spicy Tuna Roll Spicy tuna wrapped in seaweed paper

Spider Roll Fried soft-shell crab, cucumber, green onion, and smelt roe topped with eel sauce

Supercrab Roll Tempura crabstick, cream cheese, spicy tuna inside. Topped with snowcrab

Tiger Roll Yellowtail, tuna, and smelt roe inside. BBQ eel, salmon, avocado, and crunchy on top

Tuna Roll Tuna wrapped in seaweed paper

Tuna Nurito Roll Tuna and avocado wrapped in cucumber (No Rice)

Utah Roll Tempura shrimp, snowcrab, avocado, cream cheese, and tuna with eel and white sauce

Volcano Roll Salmon, smelt roe, and avocado inside. Spicy tuna, snowcrab, and crunchy on top

Valentine’s Roll Boiled shrimp, crabstick, avocado, smelt roe, and crunchy wrapped in soy paper and seaweed paper

House Special Rolls

Angry Dragon Tempura shrimp, mango, and snowcrab inside. Eel, seaweed salad, snowcrab and crunchy on top with eel sauce

Black & Gold Seared pepper tuna, snowcrab, and asparagus inside. Topped with salmon, avocado, crunchy, smelt roe and black caviar

Blossom of Love Three delicate ‘flowers’: Salmon, tuna, and white fish with snowcrab

Decade Roll Tuna, yellowtail, salmon, snowcrab, and crunchy inside. Wrapped in sesame soybean paper

Half & Half Katsu shrimp, tempura shrimp, and lettuce inside. Boiled shrimp on top. Sprinkled with Japanese seasoning

HWY 59 Roll Seared pepper tuna, asparagus, and crunchy inside. Topped with spicy escolar

Kazoku Roll Salmon, tuna, tempura shrimp, and avocado inside. Crabsticks, crunchy and wasabi tobiko on top in soybean paper

Lemon Tree Spicy crawfish and spicy scallops inside. Lemonfish, avocado and wasabi tobiko on top

Spring Girl Roll Spicy crawfish, escolar, snowcrab, and lettuce inside. Topped with salmon, boiled shrimp, avocado, and lemon wrapped in soybean paper with Kazoku house mango sauce

Passion Roll Spicy tuna and crunchy inside. Salmon, mango, and smelt roe on top with Kazoku house mango sauce

Salmon on Fire Snowcrab, spicy salmon, and asparagus inside with torch salmon, green onion, and smelt roe on top

Snowing Roll Escolar, avocado, snowcrab, and red snapper inside. Lemonfish, scallops, smelt roe on top

Spring Mix Seared pepper tuna, spring mix, carrot, cucumber, and snowcrab wrapped in rice paper with Kazoku house mango sauce (No Rice)

Under the Sea Snowcrab, salmon, tuna, white fish inside. Whole roll tempura fried and topped with seaweed salad (No Rice)